The ALOA model uses the following classification by Brown et al.:

E-assessment implementation of short answer questions

SAQs are easy to implement using simple e-assessment tasks.

Computer based test / online testing

SAQs are a usual component of tests and exams, used for formative and summative assessment. There are many software solutions available that can be used to implement it using a computer. They offer a range of options to configure the question to the needs of the assessment, from the size of answer (single word or small text) to other types including fill-in-the blanks.

Chat or Forum

An online discussion tool may be used to deliver the SAQs to an individual student or group. This could be interesting to promote discussion around specific themes or to promote collaboration in finding the answer

Concept maps and Diagrams

Some SAQs may require an answer that includes illustrating a concept or a process using a diagram or a concept map.