Welcome to the TALOE webtool that will help you decide which e-assessment strategies to use in your online courses. The tool can be used in two ways:

  • Check if the existing assessment methods in existing course are in line with the stated learning outcomes
  • Help you make decisions on the most appropriate assessment method for the new course or module

The webtool consists of the matrix that aligns the six categories of the cognitive process dimension and relative cognitive processes with the six categories of the general assessment (based on the ALOA model) each with subcategories.

How to use the webtool

The TALOE webtool will guide you through two steps that will help you to better define your learning outcomes and to decide adequate assessment strategies for each learning outcome.

Step 1
During this stage you will be asked to describe the Learning Outcomes you want your students to achieve. Please keep in mind that the Learning Outcomes should be described in a clear way and kept simple. If you have difficulties with this stage, or you wish to learn more about how you can better write learning outcomes please go to the section Writing Learning Outcomes.

Step 2
After defining your learning outcome you will be asked to choose the verb/verbs that best describe it.

Go through the process and receive the assessment advice for your course!