This is your learning outcome:

You consider that the verbs that better describe the Learning Outcome are: 

Based on the information provided, we suggest the following  e-assessment methods:

1. MCQ Remember

Response requires recall or recognition of one item correct information. Question includes who, what, why, when, where, which, choose, find, how, define, label, show, spell, list, match, name, relate, tell, recall, select.

2. Short answer – present arguments

The student is asked to present arguments to support an idea or perspective. The student will have to interpret the presented idea, deconstruct it and them he will recall and select information about the topic.

3. Practical work – exercise

These are very structured practical experiments in which the student is given the aim, materials, method and is expected to get to the results that are also well known to the teacher. Student should follow instructions and learn techniques, manipulation, observation and reporting skills.


For more information regarding the recommended methods please check the section Assessment methods.